HDPE geomembrane and LDPE geomembrane

HDPE=High Density Polyethylene, or low pressure polyethylene. The density is above 0.940.

LDPE=low density polyethylene, or high pressure polyethylene, is polyethylene polymerized under high pressure, with a density below 0.922.

HDPE geomembrane and LDPE geomembrane (1)
HDPE geomembrane and LDPE geomembrane (2)

The black geomembrane is mostly HDPE (high density polyethylene) geomembrane, while the white geomembrane is mostly LDPE (low density polyethylene) geomembrane. The difference between the two is mainly in density and performance. The density of the former is larger, while the density of the latter is smaller. The former is mostly used as a geotechnical material, while the latter is used as a film product.

The reason why the black geomembrane is black is that the geomembrane is made with black masterbatch, which is added into the production process of the geomembrane in proportion. Generally, a small amount of masterbatch can process a large number of geomembranes, and the geomembrane masterbatch particles are easy to process, which will not affect the quality of the geomembrane.

The white geomembrane is because white masterbatch particles are added to the geomembrane, and the white masterbatch particles will not affect the quality of the geomembrane. The density and performance of black geomembrane are higher than that of white LDPE geomembrane because most of them are HDPE geomembrane. The white LDPE geomembrane is mostly used as film plastic products, and it is also widely used.

Because the density of HDPE black geomembrane is greater than that of LDPE white geomembrane, the two will have different uses. The overall quality comparison should also be based on the application of the two in the same type of construction. The comparison should not be based on their strengths (incomparability). The two will be used differently in different construction, and sometimes they will be substitutes for each other.

The white LDPE geomembrane has better ductility than the black HDPE geomembrane, and its flexibility is also stronger than the black HDPE geomembrane. The white LDPE geomembrane that meets the project construction specifications is also a new generation of geoimpermeable materials, and its adaptability will also be stronger than the black HDPE geomembrane in the same project. Now, many projects can also see the shadow of the product.

It can be seen from the above that black HDPE geomembrane and white LDPE geomembrane have different applications in different projects, which cannot be generalized. The two types of products have their own strengths and weaknesses. The quality of these two types of products should be considered based on different positions.

Post time: Dec-14-2022